Time for Graham to return home


The National

MANY letters to the editor regarding Anglimp-South Waghi MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham in the last two to three months refer to his plans for the electorate, what he has done with the K10 million allocated by the Government and his reluctance to return home to meet his people.
He is not a Government minister and, therefore, there is no need for him to stay in Port Moresby as it is not his electorate.
Since winning the by-election in 2004, the people of Anglimp-South Waghi had been waiting to see him back home.
He initiated some rather interesting projects but can he update the people about their progress?
I refer to the following:
1. The introduction of buffaloes to till the land for horticulture and also to be used as a mode of transportation by the rural population. This was to supposed to be managed by an expert Asian brought in from Waigar in Simbu province. Where are the animals and the expert?
2. The MP brought in another so-called expert on rural transportation from Britain to advise the Government on rural transportation. It was a bold and innovative move but what is the progress?
3. A container full of bicycles was bought and given to the EBC church to distribute. Where are those bicycles now and the MP monitoring how they are being used?
4. An equal number of motorcycles were also purchased close to the 2007 elections. None of these machines is being used by public servants. Almost all motorcycles were involved in accidents and there are many people with disabilities in Minj. Can the MP tell us how many motorcycles are still in good running condition?
Mr Maxtone-Graham’s billboard at Minj Road in 2004 said he would bring in EMTV, build new houses for the police, renovate the police station and conduct rural farmer trainings.
He also promised to establish farmers’ marketing centres, promote HIV/AIDS multimedia campaign, general infrastructural improvement programmes and introducing appropriate technology and small industries.
He did nothing to fulfil his promises.
There is a new billboard now focusing on religion, personal hygiene and dieting.
Where is our focus now?
After conducting a ground-breaking ceremony in Minj for police houses, he disappeared.
We are still waiting for him to physically turn up here to explain what he is doing.
Where are the funds allocated by the Government?
We can see a lot of tangible development projects taking place in Jimi although MP Wake Goi is in the Opposition.
Now that Mr Maxtone-Graham is also in the Opposition, are we going to see development at last?
North Waghi MP Benjamin Mul is also doing a lot in his electorate.
What about Anglimp-South Waghi?
Are we going to remain in the back page of the new Jiwaka province?
Please come back and explain to your people what is going on and about your future plans.



Mandah Dam
Via email