Time for Morobe MPs to deliver

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to express my concern as a son of Morobe province over the poor road conditions from Nadzab airport to Lae, the second largest city in Papua New Guinea.
I refer to a recent report in The National in which Governor-General Sir Paulias voiced his disappointment over the atrocious condition of roads in Lae.
Sir Paulias was right when he said Lae was once a beautiful town with flowers, shady trees, rose gardens and covered with greenery.
“Today, as I drive into Lae from Nadzab, I could not help but feel very sad. I don’t like it. It is very bad, I can say again, that it is very bad,” Sir Paulias said. 
What is the reply from the elected Morobe MPs?
Shame on you, Morobe MPs. 
Where is Morobe Governor Luther Wenge? 
Where is Lae MP Bart Philemon? 
And where are the rest of the Morobe MPs?
Are you all in ICU ward at the Angau Memorial General Hospital? 
While Mr Philemon has been ranting and accusing the Somare-Government as corrupt, isn’t he just as bad without showing any concern for Lae?
What is Mr Wenge talking about investors not being upset over the poor road conditions?
Let’s cut the political rhetoric and roll up our sleeves and seal up all the craters and potholes in the city.
Once the roads are sealed, we can start to beautify Lae again and bring back its past glory.
As a Morobean, I appeal to all Morobeans not to listen to corrupt leaders when they come to your villages to campaign come 2012. 
Open your eyes and see for yourself what the governor has done despite being in office for two terms.
Compare his performance to the NDC governor who is a first-timer.
Lae is filled with craters, potholes, rubbish, filth, etc, while Port Moresby is clean, beautiful and stress-free when travelling.
Morobe MPs, do not talk about economic development and growth of business in Lae until you MPs fixed Lae roads. 
Morobe MPs yupela imas sem long wanem toktok ikamap long maus bilong Governor-General Sir Paulias long ol rot nogurt ikamap long nius paper em sem sem bilong yupela ol Morobe National MPs, Mr Wenge, Mr Philemon na ol arapela MPs.
The Governor-General has given his views. I am ashamed.

Jethro Jacob Jonathan