Time for the country to overcome challenges and take opportunities: Sir Bob

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YOUTH, unemployment and wealth creation pose a major challenge to the country, says Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae.
Speaking to people during independence anniversary celebrations in Kerema, Gulf, on Saturday, Sir Bob said the country should build its capacity and plan systems to secure productive opportunities at different levels for youths to engage in.
“The provision of basic education is a major challenge and one that is critical to empowering our children to free themselves from the cycle of misery and assert themselves to better their lives and realising their full potential,” Sir Bob said.
“We must encourage our girls to enrol in primary schools as the first contact for active women participation in life-long skilling and employment.”
Sir Bob said people should do away with the mentality of dependence on others to determine their development needs.
“Our mindset, the way we behave and think can undermine our ability to be independent,” he said.
“From a cultural point of view, we must not continue to live on the belief that our wantok and extended family system will protect and rescue us in bad times.
“Cities and towns in the country have particular difficulties that must be addressed in order to instil greater self-reliance and decent living. The rural-urban drift is part and parcel of urbanisation, however, without proper legislative and administrative machinery in place, such movement compound the already existing problems in towns and cities and leads to poverty, unemployment and crime.”
This was Sir Bob’s first visit to Gulf. “The people of Gulf have contributed immensely to our nation’s development before and after Independence,” he said.
“With the same sense of self-belief, spirited enterprise and a positive attitude, you can rise above your challenges and ride the opportunities available to you for the prosperity of your province and for your individual satisfaction and happiness.
He said Gulf had the potential to become a leading province in PNG in the next couple of years.
“The onus now is on every one of you here to realise this potential and make it a reality,” Sir Bob said.

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