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By Rebecca Kuku
A PASSIONATE plea by men, women and children echoed around Port Moresby yesterday, that it was time to turn the corner on addressing gender-based violence in the country.
Gatherings, a peaceful march and a vigil were staged in the capital city following the death of 19-year-old Jenelyn Kennedy, a mother-of-two, after alleged beatings at home. Her husband appeared in court on Tuesday charged with wilful murder.
Jean Parkop, wife of National Capital District Governor Powes, said this must be the turning point.
“Let’s not wait until someone else dies. We must demand for change, we must demand for action,” she said.
“As mothers, it is our duty to teach our sons to never hit women. This must not continue. We must stand up now.”
Prime Minister James Marape urged men to walk away from cultural and tribal defences, cycle of violence and to respect women.
“Women are our partners. They are our partners not just in homes but also in communities and the country as a whole,” he said.
Ironically, the idea of a vigil and march came from men who were so touched by Jenelyn’s death.
“It’s time men stand up for women – our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters,” said Solomon Kantha who floated the idea to his friends.
Kantha said the picture of Jenelyn’s battered body on The National’s front page last Friday just broke his heart.
“I felt that something had to be done. We had to stop this acts of cruelty against women. If not now, when? One day, it just might be our mother, sister, wife or even our daughter,” he said.
Kantha said he could not sleep last Friday because he too had daughters.
“I said let’s walk in memory of late Jenelyn. My friends reached out and said: Let’s do this. We decided to hold a vigil to not only remember her life but the lives of all other women who had died as a result of violence, for those still living in violence around the country.”
Kennedy family friend Thomas Opa from Gulf challenged women to make their voices heard.
He said PNG already had laws to address such violence.
“What we need is for these laws and legislations to be actioned. We demand for action,” he said.
Opa said Jenelyn’s death had given a voice to women.
“Don’t let her death be in vain. Don’t let another young woman die like this. This is the time to demand for action, not just for Jenelyn but for all other women who have died from violence, for all the survivors of violence and for our daughters and their future,” he said.


  • PNG women lives matter and gender based violence must be stopped in the country.

    PNG, you are on the right track and continue to demand for justice for all women who are victms of gender based violence in the nation. Though the journey is long and difficult, your victory is envitable. For your right, you women of PNG must act like the engine of your society. Demand for your right and role in the society to create a safe PNG for you and your children. Struggle tirelessely to change the curriculum used in schools, the reactionery norms and traditions that are encouraging male supermicy in the country because this will help change the attitude of boys and men towards girls and women.
    PNG will be strong and rich, if men and women are equal. In a country where women are not equal, prosperity remains to be a dream.

  • PNG where a we heading? This should have been done longtime ago,,since now women have been suffering in any form of Voilences which you may think of and by now we should have been in the recovery state of address this major issues of VOILENCES against our women and girls,now it is a disaster for us as victims of the VOILENCES,,,concern officers in the government and stakeholders should be blame for not putting in place appropriate laws and funding to address this issue which now it escalate to another level..where is JUSTICE for the victims and deceases who have one way other have suffer with pain for so long,,,so many awareness and seminar regarding this issues but yet where and who is at fault to implement this recommendations……..
    PNG is suffering enough of this act of VOILENCES…PLEASE STOP……PLEASE STOP…..EM OL SUSA NA MAMA BLO YUMI……government implement DEATH PENILITY on the issue….dai kamap lo ol man nau bai ol man lukim na respectim olgta meri lo kantri…..

  • Kaiwi’s family…shame on you for using money to bribe lawyers and police officers to do their best in protecting the IMMORAL ACTIONS OF your family member. IMMORTALS shame shame shame.

    Why should the murderer given a chance to talk in court, the case is straight forward and the police are wasting their time investigating. Just put the damn murderer behind bars for life sentence. Obviously as mentioned by the family members and the baby sitter that the murderer has been violent to his wife for some year’s now. That clearly means that the police officers knew what was happening to late Jenelyn Kennedy some year’s ago but they were bribed inorder to act EVIL.

    Wow…Bhosip Kaiwi you are no real man your just inhuman to be immortal.

    And to all man out there who are violent to their wives you don’t deserve to have a wife because you don’t know how protect and care for them.

    The good Lord has given us all males to have a female partner as our wives. Wives are our assistant, to be there for us when we need help but man thought that they can own their wife and do whatever want.
    Very selfish men do that because they don’t know how to protect, love and care for their wives.


  • In engineering there is a term – root cause analysis, which is very effective in solving problems and preventing future problems from happening. The guy killed his wife. He should be punished. No questions about that! But to put proper preventative measures of domestic violence in place, the Government should identify all the issues pertaining to this fatality. That means taking both sides of the story into account and addressing them constructively. Only then can any laws passed be successful.

  • I am very proud of what has been done at POM plus some other Province relating to the incident that occurred last week to Jenelyn.
    I don’t think what the action taken will be fruitful because our Law enforcers (+ Disciplinary forces) are both blind and mentally affected. Who will enforce the voice of the people airing their cries to be heard? It is the hierarchy. Our hierarchy is falling into ditches of bribery including our police force so now where is the solution to all this events raising the communities welfare.
    I believe the answer relies on two categories; firstly the law enforces and secondly each individual should take the initiative to respect the girls and women. Is PNG a Christian Country? It is/was. Then lets implement the christian values and virtues.

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