Time to make permanent appointments

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I commend the acting prime minister for making a bold move to remove and appoint new ministers.
He needs to keep his house in order and that is what one has to do in such a position like Sam Abal.
On the same token, he should start appointing per­manent department heads to run the administrative affairs of this nation.
They need to implement the government’s directives so that goods and services reach the people.
There are too many “ac­tors” in our government de­partments and agencies.
Permanent appointments must be made and I call on Abal to appoint ho­nest and transparent heads to balance his cabinet re­shuffle.
Keep up the good work but he needs to square it up.


Miamil Kamasua
Laswara Sinasina, Chimbu