Tolai woman leader is no.2 at THE Party

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The National, Tuesday 24th January 2012

THE Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party has elected Buntabu Brown, the wife of Sinai Brown from the East New Britain, as national executive vice-president.
Douglas Tomuriesa was elected national president defeating John Tuka 82-32 votes.
James Kiele was elected general secretary and Luke Kembol as treasurer.
Francis Embi was elected vice-president for the New Guinea islands and Eric Tule as his council member.
Warasam Debege and Gima Laurie are president and council member for the Papuan region, James Kond and John Timberame for the highlands and John Buri as president for Momase.
The party has nominated KPMG as its auditor.
Brown said it was a difficult decision she and her family had to make to switch over to the new party after supporting the National Alliance over the years.
“Although it was difficult, we had to make a break and I now realise that it was not a mistake to do that as the party was launched and witnessed by every Papua New Guineans and not formed and launched in a hotel room,’’ she said.
“THE party is led by a young vibrant leader who has the credentialsand qualities to become the prime minister,” Brown said.
“I have now realised that he believes in women like me to also take up leadership roles,” Brown said.
She said more women should be encouraged to join the party.
“Instead of the 22 reserve seats, I can do a lot in the party and I am proud to be given the opportunity as a woman to be an executive,” she said.
However, she said for the stability of the new party, the parliamentary wing and the executives should work
together and not allow their
responsibilities to overlap.
Parliamentary leader Polye said the name of the party could be changed later if members wanted to.
“The Convention has the powers to change the name of the party and make amendment to the constitution and, therefore, the party name was not the final name.
“The party belongs to you and you can change it.”
Some voters and supporters who turned up at yesterday’s launching suggested it be renamed THE Rural Party.