Tondop wants full investigation into shooting


SOUTHERN Highlands police commander Chief Supt Joseph Tondop wants a full investigation into the death of a Grade 6 student allegedly shot by police earlier this year.
The victim, Yamala Awei from Waloa village in the Kagua-Erave district, was allegedly shot at Waloa Community School ground at around 4pm on Sept 22.
Tondop expressed his sympathy to the relatives and called for a full investigation on Friday during a visit.
He said according to reports, Waloa youths were patching a section of the Kagua-Erave road near their village when the shooting incident happened.
Tondop said it was alleged that Kagua police were acting on reports that motorist travelling along the section of the damaged road had to a pay fee demanded by the youths patching the damaged road.
“It was alleged that Kagua police confiscated the fees collected by the youths totalling over K700 while travelling to Erave station on that day, Sept 22,” he said.
“After visiting Erave station, the Kagua police returned and were stopped by youths at Waloa Community School who demanded that the takings be given back.
“They (police) refused to give the takings, which created an argument. The youths mobilised and started attacking the police vehicle that drove off.”
He said police stopped the vehicle about 100 metres from Waloa Community School and fired two warning shots to disperse the angry mob. Tondop said it was alleged that the second shot fired killed the victim, who was playing rugby at the community school field.
“The body was taken to the Mendi Hospital the next day and a post-mortem was carried out to establish the cause of death,” he said.
“The criminal investigation division at Mendi police station is handling the investigation and will finalise their report to be presented to me.
“The firearm used by the police at Kagua was handed over to the Mendi CID for forensic testing.”
He said the Waloa community were devastated after the police shooting and had held a police vehicle and two big company trucks.