Too many delays in committal court

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WAIGANI Committal Court magistrate Sinclair Gora yesterday expressed his annoyance over unnecessary ad-journment and delays, blaming both prosecutors and defendants for this sad state of affairs.
Mr Gora said that he had to strike out one case because of the failure of the police  to file papers before the courts on time.
He said that two other cases were set for ruling but could not proceed after it was learnt that the defendants had not engaged lawyers or attempted to file submissions.
Mr Gora warned that if no submissions were given before the adjournment for rulings, he would proceed nevertheless.
Meanwhile, a case relating to an attack on a family in Hohola by neighbours did not follow proper court procedures after it was learnt in court that the prosecutions had not filed the motion as is procedural but had incorrectly advised the complainant to file the motion.
Mr Gora advised that the current motion be set aside to allow for the correct proceedings.
The complainant had raised concerns that she was living in fear of her life and her family’s, mostly children and school-aged teenagers.
The court heard that she had called the police to attend to here complaint about six months ago.
The family had been shot at and teargas was thrown into their home while her family slept.
“I fear for my life more and more. I feel helpless as the police are the ones  able to help, I pleaded with them to quickly look into this case,” the complainant said.
Mr Gora asked the prosecution that proper court papers for the case to proceed on Dec 21.