Toropo: Priority to serve God, country

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The National, Friday February 7th, 2014

 A SOLDIER’S priority is to serve God, the country, the Queen and the force, new Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) Commander Brig-Gen Gilbert Toropo says. 

Toropo took the lead and reaffirmed his oath of duty with his soldiers on Wednesday at the Murray Barracks Chapel.

“We do it every year to pledge our loyalty to God, country, Queen and the force and such commitment is not an easy one.

“If you are someone who takes things for a ride as a professional soldier, you will be a total liability to others.”

He reminded every soldier to reflect on his or her achievements and downfalls last year as this year each should look forward to new commitments, brighter prospects as outstanding individuals in their army sections, platoons and companies in each unit.

“It is indeed an honour to serve our country through this prestigious organisation.

Toropo said soldiers might not realise it while serving and may take it for granted but they would realise the uniqueness of the organisation and the pride in serving when they left the gate for the last time.

“Therefore, as long as you have the energy to serve the people of PNG through PNGDF, give your best shot because 2013 will never come back to be corrected,” he said.