Tough measures crucial

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PRIME Minister James Marape says the Government had to take a hardline approach to address the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Hospitals throughout the country have 5,400 beds with only 177 ICU (intensive care unit) beds to look after acute patients,” he said.
“Of this 177, only 41 have oxygen ventilators. And we only have 425 doctors.”
He urged people not to be complacent after all the eight people who had contracted Covid-19 had fully recovered.
“Global numbers are going up, our regional numbers too are going up, including our walk and swim border areas with West Papua, Indonesia,” Marape said.
“To those outside, I have just recommended to the controller (David Manning) to allow for your travels but you must follow strict protocols.
“The State will pay for your isolation stay here. “In (testing) times like this, you and I must put our bodies on the line for PNG.”
He said he would continue to use social media to relay important government information to the people.
“Sometimes, the formal media have editorial space limitations. So I will be using this medium for information I personally feel are important for public noting,” Marape said in a posting on Monday.
“I am sorry for those who are doing grammar and spell checks on FB (Facebook). I write quickly myself in the interest of time. So you do see typos in my write-ups.
“My apologies to supporters and die-hards of some of my opponents who are hiding behind fake accounts.
“Get your men to write like I am doing in the real world instead of lurking behind masks, mumbling and grumbling.”


  • I want to suggest that the people who are coming from abroad should be quarantined outside or country of origin before they come into the country and not quarantine in PNG as they may pose risks on the other traveling public. They can only be allowed to board the plane upon presenting the quarantine certificate. How can you be sure that they are not sick while traveling.

  • The Hon PMJM you are the hero. You are doing fine for the good of the country.

    One concern, please lift inbound flight ban to the mining centers as those of us who were out for field break in March are still at home. Our respective good companies are looking after us during this difficult time now but after May, we might not be given anything, I mean pay. Please see into this concern. Thank you.

    • Why not quarantine inbounds in PNG? Looks like the poster has just risen from death.

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