Tourists to visit salt ponds in Enga

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THIRTY-five overseas tourists will attend the annual Enga Cultural Show which starts today and ends on Sunday.
Many more will be taken in by private tour operators.
Show chairperson Margaret Potane said yesterday that the tourists would arrive in the provincetoday and head straight to Yokonda village, 30km west of Wabag, to watch the traditional salt-extracting process.
Potane said that the tourists would have a meal cooked in a mumu, or earth oven.
She said the visitors would be accompanied by show committee, provincial management team and some members of the provincial executive council. She said that it had taken her committee almost seven months to prepare for the show.
Potane said that this year’s show was different because of two additional attractions.
These are paintings from Australian Aboriginals and Torres Strait islanders at the Take Anda Museum.

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