Trade stores charge high fees for bank services

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 14th of March, 2014

WE,  in  Balimo town,  Awaba and the surrounding villages in Western, need assistance from the government regarding a very unfair, if not illegal, practice.
When we buy supplies from the Balimo and Awaba  trade stores using a Kundu card, we often ask for cash-out using their EFPOS service and they charge us 10 to 20% as  ‘bank fee’ or charges.
They use Bank South Pacific’s (BSP) EFPOS devices and most of us use BSP Kundu cards, so they have no right to charge us a high bank fee as it is unfair.
Why should we give our money to these store owners for nothing?
If  there  truly was  a bank fee, we should be charged the same rate as the bank.
We feel that these store owners are stealing from us and this is wrong.
They are getting richer while they make us poorer.
They do the same when public servants cash in their pay cheques, charging an extremly  high fee of  up  to K30.
Then they also demand that we spend K200 or more in their stores before they even agree to cash a cheque or give us a cash-out. Then they charge us.
This is wrong, unfair and a crime.
We believe this is a police matter.

Kamo Bagali