Trader assists police

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THE Mt Hagen-based police task force has received a new set of uniforms costing K4,000 from local business house Bintangor Trading.
The uniforms were presented at the Mt Hagen police station yesterday by Gold Star Trading, a business arm of Bintangor, in front of a police parade.
This is the first time for the police to receive such donations from a private company.
Mt Hagen police chief Supt Peter Roari said it was the Government’s duty to buy uniforms for police personnel but was equally grateful that a business house had stepped in to meet a pressing need of his officers.
Provincial police commander Chief Supt Kaigelo Ambane also thanked Bintangor Trading for supporting the police operations in the province.
Chief Supt Ambane said business houses operating in the province depended a lot on the police force.
Supt Ambane said as such, it was good that they were reciprocating in kind for the protection that they receive.
He said the task force unit members had been without new uniforms for far too long and it was the company’s own idea to step in and assist them with new sets.
Gold Star Trading representative Terry Sia said the company had done a lot for the people of Western Highlands as well as the country.
Mr Sia noted that many Papua New Guineans get the wrong idea that Asians were in PNG to make fast money and run away.
“This is far from the truth,” he added.
He said the Bintangor group had done a lot for the development of the country and its people.
Mr Sia said they had bought the uniforms because they wanted a clean image for the police who work hard and maintain law and order in a difficult province like the Western Highlands.
The uniforms would be given to the 15 task force members in the province.