Traditional style of marriage is illegal


CENTRAL Committal Court magistrate Marcus Nandape says abducting a woman from her family with an intention to marry her maybe seen as traditional style of marriage in some societies but is illegal in the eyes of the law.
This was the case at Ere’ere Waima, of Kairuku, Central.
A young man was arrested and charged with abduction after he fled with his girlfriend to the neighbouring village.
Ikupu Ikupu, 25, from Waima appeared in court on Thursday charged with abduction of a 17-year-old girl with intent to marry.
Magistrate Nandape said that the abduction was intended for marriage but was illegal because the girl was underage and the accused was intoxicated and armed with a knife.
It is alleged that on Sept 19 at around 7pm, Ikupu approached the girl and asked her to go with him to the house.
The girl seeing Ikupu armed with a knife voluntarily walked off with him to his house.
Ikupu allegedly had sex with the girl in his house and kept her inside.
When the family of the girl came looking for her, Ikupu allegedly escaped with her to the neighbouring Oreke.
On Sept 20, the girl’s mother and Ikupu’s father went over to the Oreke village and brought back the girl.
The matter was reported to police and Ikupu was arrested and charged with abduction.
The matter is adjourned to Dec 12 for mention and the accused remanded.