Training for local farmers at Rigo


Seve nty-four farmers received training on modern techniques of crop management.
Central Province Division of Agriculture and Livestock, Food Security Officer, Gabi Tau said the 74 farmers were trained on improved crop management techniques.
He said the aim of the training was to equip farmers with improved farming techniques on producing quality rather than quantity.
“Most of the farmers have the knowledge of cultivating watermelon with this modern farming techniques it would improve their production and still maintain quality.
“Rigo farmers are known to cultivating watermelon in large quantity without considering the quality, this training would help them to maximise their producing with good quality,” he said.
Tau said the training also covered simpler irrigation method which would help farmers to make use of the water source through simpler irrigation process.
He said proper crop management was vital for crops to grow healthy and free from pest and diseases which resulted in high yield.
“The target group of the training were watermelon farmers since they produce in large quantity without considering the quality,’’ he said.
He said the improved techniques includes;

  • Land preparation
  • D irect seeding transplanting
  • Field planting
  • Pollination
  • Pruning
  • Pest and disease
  • Harvest

He said the training was attended by thirteen watermelon farmers from the Rigo district and the villages includes Kone, Kwaibo, Mamalo, Kuligolo, Mamaki, Kalave, Mole, Segi, Niviwka, Biga, Nanukoiro, Galu Nama, Kwikila station.