Tribe pays K80,000, 124 pigs as compo for peace, harmony

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TWO tribes in Western Highlands have come together to make peace following the death of a ward councillor on Feb 15.
The Maren and Kyiama tribes, of Kumbareta in the Mul-Baiyer electorate have decided not to take the law into their own hands soon after the killing.
Kyiama fronted up with K80,000 in cash, 124 pigs, four cuscus and two cassowaries to say sorry for the death of Cr Lamwo.
Cr Lamwo was killed by a drug addict from the Kyiama tribe.
The killer tried to escape but the crowd got hold of him and killed him too.
Local MP Koi Trappe and Western Highlands police commander Jacob Kamiak were present there to witness the ceremony and compensation.
Trappe told his people to start putting aside their primitive mentality and look at the outside world.
He said under his leadership, there were major infrastructures developments taking place and people had to start respecting them and change their attitude.
He said if people had the “no care” mentality, then they would never see any tangible development reaching them.
Trappe said the killing of the councillor could have instigated serious problems but leaders stood in to prevent further action.
“I thank you for not allowing this situation to get out of hand and you have managed to restore normalcy and now we are witnessing the official peace.
“I’m encouraging my people to start changing their mindsets and look at ways of how they can live and sustain their lives,” Trappe said. Kamiak condemned the killing and called on community leaders in Baiyer to take the lead to destroy marijuana and homebrew.
“This murder was committed by a drug addict and leaders must not allow such people to work around freely,” he said.
“If you sight anyone planting marijuana or producing homebrew, report him or her.”