Trukai Industries helps to fix city road

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MATARAM Street in Lae has been reopened after the road was being closed for repairs, paid for by Trukai Industries.
The company took on the responsibility of repairing the road at Mataram and Montoro streets as part of their community obligation.
The Montoro section of the road is still under construction and is expected to be opened in about six weeks.
Trukai Industries general manager for chain and customer service Andrew Grace said the Mataram St road was repaired in four months at a cost of about K200,000.
“The road maintenance was part of Trukai’s contribution towards the community which we operate in,” he said.
“Trukai is one of the major companies in Lae and a frequent user of this road so we took on the responsibility to upgrade the road at our own expense not just for our own interest but as our contribution to the public good and the wider business community.”
Grace said the newly upgraded concrete road would now enable a smooth flow of traffic, reduce dust and allow trucks to carry heavier loads reducing traffic flow.”
He said the road maintenance was done in conjunction with Lae City Authority.
He said work along Montoro St was ongoing and was expected to be completed within the next six weeks.

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