Tusbab runs out of space

National, Normal

The National – Monday, February 14, 2011

CALLS have been made for another secondary school to be opened in the vicinity of Madang town to cater for the growing number of students wanting to enroll.
The call from various parents yesterday follows the difficulty in securing space for children at Tusbab Secondary School in town.
Some of the parents also suggested that authorities in Madang should consider building more classrooms and teachers’ houses and put in other resources in Tusbab Secondary so the school could accommodate more students.
“Tusbab is an urban secondary school and supposed to take in a large number of students in each grade.
“Madang town is growing with the many economic activities with the influx of people from other parts of the province and country and public services such as secondary schools must be expanded to meet the growing demand,” one parent said.
The Tusbab Secondary School administration said the school was filled to capacity from Grades 9 to 12 and it could not take any more students.
Last week, the principal Margaret Valakvi told a group of parents seeking space for their children that Tusbab Secondary School could not take any more students.
Valakvi said there was no space and gave an example of the four Grade 11 classes where the students were literally standing in the classrooms to take notes during lessons last week.
She told the parents that those who submitted written requests for space for their children will know the results today.
Valakvi, however, said there was no guarantee that every request will receive a positive response.
She also advised parents to consider looking at other high schools in Madang including private providers of education such as Madang Christian Academy (MCA).
The MCA, however, was reportedly closed due to a court case over ownership brought on by former Madang open MP Jacob Wama.
The National reported last Thursday that MCA’s resumption of school year was affected by a court case that was to be heard by the National Court last Friday.