Two ballot boxes missing

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POLICE say two ballot boxes from the recent recount of the Kandep seat in Enga have gone missing following a break-in last Wednesday.
Provincial police commander acting Superintendent George Kakas said the incident happened in the early hours of last Wednesday in Wabag.
Kakas condemned such action and said police would investigate what the motive was for the boxes to be taken.
Kakas told The National that the recount had been done successfully weeks ago and results taken to Port Moresby.
He said police did not know the reason why the two boxed were targeted.
Kakas said the two boxes were stolen from a locked container which had the rest of the boxes.
“There was a break-in. We will get to the bottom of this,” he said.
“We will find out the reason why they targeted the two boxes.
“My investigation team will fly down to Port Moresby to talk to the Electoral Commission.
“The Electoral Commission will give us an answer,” Kakas said.