Two directors resign from finance company

The National, Thursday July 7th, 2016

TWO directors of the Credit Corporation have resigned from the company.
This was announced by chairman Sir Wilson Kamit during the company’s annual general meeting held recently. The directors are Garth McIlwain and Robert Allport.
“Despite the shareholders voting Garth McIlwain in, he has given his resignation as a director of Credit Corporation, effective immediately.    Garth was a founding director of the company when it was established in 1978 as was appointed managing director in 1979,” Sir Wilson said.
Sir Wilson noted that McIlain also held various positions in major financial institutions. He said Allport had given notice of his resignation but would stay around to give the company time to find a replacement.
“Allport has been with the company since 1987.”
initially appointed as business development manager before he was transferred to Fiji as country head in 1992,” he said.
Allport returned to Port Moresby as CEO in 1999 and was appointed managing director in 2011.
He gave notice but also gave us enough time to look for a replacement. When things are in motion then he will take his leave.