Two men die while out drinking

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The National, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A 40-YEAR-old man was murdered last Monday and his body dumped near the Vanimo Airport, West Sepik.
The victim, Nick Dap, from Temsapmin village in Telefomin, West Sepik,  and married with several children, was allegedly drinking beer at the Kapiak block near the airport and was returning home between 1am and 4am when he was attacked and killed.
Police said Dap died as a result of a deep knife wound to his chest.
His body was found by locals on the airport runway at around 4am and taken to the Vanimo General Hospital morgue.
Police said the motive of the killing was suspected robbery with the victim being killed.
In another incident, a public servant was hit several times on his head and other parts of his body with heavy objects resulting in him being admitted to the Vanimo General Hospital in a coma.
He died on May 9 as a result of the injuries he suffered on his head.
Police said Kenneth Uriam, in his late 20s, went to the Pevi Camp for alcohol between 9pm and 10pm on May 7 when an argument erupted and led to a fight.
Police said trouble started when Uriam asked for beer on credit but was refused.
He then allegedly swore at the store owner which resulted in the fight.
Police said the victim worked as a welfare officer with the Sandaun provincial administration at the time of his death.
Police said three suspects had been locked up and questioned in relation to Uriam’s death.