UBE made in PNG for PNG children

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EDUCATION Minister James Marape and his departmental secretary Dr Joseph Pagelio deserve to be congratulated for launching the Universal Basic Education (UBE) plan 2010-19.
The intention of the plan is to fast track the development of education towards achieving education goals.
It is timely because PNG has been lagging behind in key education indicators when compared to neighbouring Asian and Pacific countries.
Now that the plan has been developed, the real challenge of implementing it is with the lead agency – the National Department of Education (NDOE).
Lessons from the implementation of past education plans need to be used as the basis for the development of new and innovative strategies conducive to efficient implementation of the plan.
The NDOE has been going through a capacity building programme for a number of years now and should be ready for the challenges ahead.
However, it is likely that skilled and experienced local technical officers will be required to take the lead in the implementation of UBE.
A number of key NDOE officers have had training both abroad and in-country.
Therefore, they should be given the mandate to show what they can do now.
The outdated view of external advisers running the show must now be changed because our country needs a “mind shift” so we have confidence in own nationals as technical officers or advisers.
This argument goes well when we claim that the UBE plan is nationally grown plan.
As such, it requires skilled and experienced nationals to take the lead in implementing it.


Home grown education adviser
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