Uni in chaos


AS a sponsor and guardian of students attending the University of Papua New Guinea, I am concerned with social media posts of the activities of some unruly students in the halls of residence on campus.
The Games Village halls are of particular concern here.
For some time now, we have been reading on social media cases of students drinking alcohol, continuously playing loud music and free movement of all sorts of people in and out of the halls.
I was not surprised when there was the recent report of one of the buildings in Games Village being razed by a fire.
Wherever there is no order, chaos becomes the norm.
Some of us have been asking if there are any sub-wardens in the Games Village halls to speak to the group of rowdy students who are affecting the studies of the majority of students who are focused on their education.
Are there sub-wardens on campus, or have their roles and responsibilities being taken over by the warden?
More questions come to mind.
Is it that there are outsiders that are accommodated in those halls of residence, and are they the culprits?
Or, is it the students who have already failed their studies and are just trying to distract the others?
The UPNG administration should look into this – please investigate and get these unruly students off campus if they cannot follow the basic rules of civility.
Another serious matter now at hand that the UPNG administration has to act fast to protect students is the Covid-19.
Cases of the Covid-19 are now soaring and, so far, two deaths have been recorded in the nation.
One factor that allows the easy spread of the virus is uncontrolled social events.
That is the factor that separates Australian cities that have more Covid-19 than those that don’t.
It is the restriction placed on people socialising such as visiting nightclubs where alcohol consumption and social interaction are the norm.
Some cities face almost no Covid-19 cases for months now because social gatherings in clubs were restricted.
The UPNG administration and other colleges and universities must monitor the activities of students on campus.
There must be no drinking of liquor or gathering of students in big groups.
Failure to do so may allow the easy spread of the virus on campus, particularly where students are left unmonitored and unmanaged.
It would be a very sorry situation if a Covid-19 case was detected on a campus with students living as they please.
The university administration must act quickly to prevent such a situation from occurring.


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  • Just taking a walk or drive around the whole UPNG campus as a former student, I see that UPNG is totally runned down and needs a good strategic leadership team. Current regime are not doing much. Campus too bushy and soon it will be hunting ground for bandicoot, magani and snakes.

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