Uni recognises outstanding old boys


DIVINE Word University is always proud to see its graduates do great things in the professions, make a contributions to the communities they live in or support the university whenever they can.
The DWU acknowledges its alumni going back to the days of Divine Word (Catholic) High School from 1968 to 1978, Divine Word Institute (1979 to 1995) and Divine Word University (1996 to present).
In 2015, DWU instituted an award to recognise the efforts and contributions of its graduates to their professional, community and to the university. The award is called the Distinguished Alumnae of the Year and comes in three categories: Achievement (in one’s profession), service to society and support for the university.
The award is presented on Aug 21 each year, which is the “Foundation Day” of DWU – the day the Government of Papua New Guinea declared the former Divine Word Institute as a university in 1996. The Alumni Day also falls on this date so both occasions are commemorated with the announcement of the Award.
Last Wednesday, the DWU community in the Madang campus came together witness the announcement of two wonderful recipients of the award. They are well-known television journalist Scott Waide and long-serving senior mine executive Musje Werror.
Waide received the award under the category of “achievement” for his outstanding work in journalism. Werror received the award under the category of “Services to Society” for his long years of work with communities in Western in his various roles in Ok Tedi Mining Ltd and Ok Tedi Development Fund.
Waide, is national television station EMTV’s Lae Bureau news chief and Werror is Deputy CEO and General Manager for Ok Tedi Mining Ltd’s External Relations.
President of DWU, Professor Cecilia Nembou in her address spoke of the value DWU places on its graduates to be exemplary members of society and do great things in an ethical and moral way as they were taught in the university.
She said DWU took pride in its graduates who are doing many great things in the society out there, most of which are unnoticed.
Prof Nembou thanked the two men for accepting the nominations and for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend the ceremony and receive their awards.
“In congratulating both awardees who have exemplified the values that DWU stands for in their chosen career parts, I am also proud to say that the majority of staff at this university are DWU alumni,” Prof Nembou said.
Werror who comes from Madang and graduated from DWU in 2012. He is the most senior national in Ok Tedi’s workforce was recognised to have exhibited integrity and demonstrated commitment through an interest in bettering the lives of others.
Werror spoke highly of DWU and the award he received and for the support his family and colleagues have given him over the years.
“Thank you DWU, I am honored to be recognsed and to have my name engraved into the Alumni Wall of Fame. This moment would not have been possible if not for the sheer determination of my late father (Moses Werror) who passed on in April this year,” said Werror.

Musje Werror receiving his DWU “Distinguished Alumnae of the Year” award from DWU Council member Sir Peter Barter last week. – Pictures by Dr Kevin Pamba
Scott Waide receiving his DWU “Distinguished Alumnae of the Year” award from DWU Council member Sir Peter Barter last week.

“He has been very supportive since day one and throughout my journey,” said an emotional Werror.
Attending the ceremony with Musje Werror was as a surprised mum, Mrs Werror.
Werror’s mother who with tears of a proud mum, said that she had no idea that her son was receiving an award that day. She said her son had only asked her to visit Divine Word University with him that morning and she had only found out at the ceremony.
Waide who comes from Northern and graduated from Divine Word University in 1996 with a Diploma in Communication Arts (Journalism), received the award in the category of ‘Achievement’, for attaining prominence in his chosen career as a journalist and is well-known throughout the nation.
Waide is regarded as one of the finest journalists in PNG and a leader and role model in investigative journalism, who goes out of his way to the remote parts of PNG to gather information and produce reports that would not have been reported. With the passionate drive in what he does, he also invests his time in mentoring and training upcoming journalists.
“One of many important lessons I’ve learnt and have imitated was from the previous DWU President, Fr Jan Czuba.
“Fr Jan says ‘when you want something to grow plant the seed, nurture it and as soon as it grows, step back and take pleasure in watching it grow’,” said Mr Waide.
He pointed out, that his time in DWU was through a time of transition from type-writers to using computers for the first time.
Another key message he took out of DWU from Fr Jan Czuba, is to see the big picture, reach out to the community and never be self-centered.
“I came out of instances where I was almost shot, it has been a crazy ride but it was worth it, thank you Divine Word University,” Waide said.

  • Rachel Shisei is a communications officer in the Marketing Division of Divine Word University.

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