Uni selections biased and questionable

Letters, Normal

THE two premier universities, UPNG and Unitech, student selection for this year does not go down well with most parents of the matriculation students. Most matriculation students were denied acceptance to universities even though they had exceeded the minimum required grades. The university faculty selection committee members should be mindful that the matriculation students are independent, hardworking students without the assistance of either fulltime teachers or tutors, hence proper consideration should be given to them. For instance, in all faculties at least 100 spaces should be made available to accommodate them. It is my considered view that UPNG and Unitech matriculation and university centre were established as a business entity to sustain their institutions. My suggestion to these universities is that they phase out the university or matriculation centre system. One notable example is the Unitech which selects its own matriculation students to various faculties and then asked them to sit for another examination for the last two years. This signifies how useless and reckless the matriculation curriculum is. 

-Concernd parent, via email.