Unitech to resume classes

The National,Friday June 17th, 2016

CLASSES at the PNG University of Technology in Lae will resume on Monday, Vice Chancellor Dr Albert Schram says.
In a statement yesterday, Schram said an extra-ordinary Academic Board meeting was held on Wednesday where it was resolved that classes would resume on Monday with Week12 and 13 of Semester 1.
The limit of what is possible in terms of re-arranging the academic ca1endar have been reached, and it is imperative classes start as soon as possible. The students have this week to settle in on campus, and put their minds to their studies.
Examinations will start on July 4 and end on July 11.
Exams will cover weeks 1 to 11 and examination topics will be  given in week 12.
As per current rules, all examination results are moderated so that the average for each subject is not below 55.
Due dates of final years’ projects will be extended to the last day of the first week of lectures of Semester 2, which will start on July 25.
Schram said during the boycott two incidents took place on campus- on June 8 after the news of the police shooting of students at UPNG and on June 13 after a public forum, when groups of students pro-and anti-boycott attacked each other.
“We are sorry that one official vehicle was destroyed by fire, but there was at no time any threat to people or other state property,” he said.
“Our Uniforce security have done a marvellous job  to contain any violence. The safety of any one not belonging to these specific groups was never at risk.”
“Regrettably, one student was hurt and immediately brought to the hospital by the univeristy ambulance.
“His wounds were stitched and he is in a stable condition. The altercation took about 20 minutes, after which fighting stopped.
“Therefore, there has been no risk to any staff or students on campus who are no party to this fight.