US, Aust medicos treat Wampar locals

Lae News, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UNITED States and Australian medical officers have diagnosed and treated more than 2,000 patients during the past four days providing free health care at Wampar health centre, Huon Gulf in Morobe.
The health care diagnosis and treatment includes general health, paediatrics, tuberculosis, malaria, respiratory and cancer conditions, dental and eye care.
The number is expected to increase to 21,000-25,000 in the two remaining days, US Navy health care administrator, Lt George Sterns said.
The patients were not within 26 Wampar villages but came from as far as Huon Gulf coast, Markham, Nawaeb, Bulolo, Lae, a few from Highlands and Madang. 
The queue of patients begins at the health centre building leading 50m out to the main entrance.
Before reaching administration tent to register names for check-ups, the US Navy jazz band played country rock and sentimental music.
Sterns said 1,507 people were given prescriptions, 200 teeth had been pulled and 597 had their eyes checked.
In general health care on Monday, 639 adults and 389 children attended.
In eye care, 800 patients were diagnosed and tested in three days, US Navy optometrist Dr Randy Birt said.
Birt said the patients were issued with glasses based on kind and type of eye problem they had. 
At Muya and Bubia primary schools, two low post steel material double classrooms separated by teachers’ office in the middle were built.
The new block includes toilets, showers, sinks, and water pumps and tanks, installation of lights and fans and repainting of buildings.
There are 29 US construction and building (Seabees) engineering, 12 Australian and 18 PNG Defence Force members engaged in the Bubia pro­-ject led by Steel Worker First Class (SW1) Joseph Axiotis and staff engineer Michael Sardon.
At Muya, SW2 Justin Keller leads the classroom construction while SW3 Jonah Soto the toilet construction and two shower rooms and water pump.