Use Komo airstrip: KCH


THE Komo airstrip in Hela built at a cost of $US2 billion (K6 million) should be fully used to generate income for the Government and the people, an official says.
Chairman of the Kumul Consolidated Holdings Paul Nerau said tourism, for example, could benefit a lot from the use of the 3200-metre airstrip which big cargo aircraft could land on. The Komo airfield was built by ExxonMobil PNG Ltd to facilitate the development and operation of the PNG LNG project.
It is currently used as a private airfield for the project.
“Tourism is an area when we talk about opportunities,” Nerau said.
“We need to build more companies for our young people, engineers, pilots. Komo airport was built for US$2 billion and is sitting there.
“This is something we can build as a tangible, tourism destination or an entry point.
“We need to learn to generate income.”
Nerau urged State-owned enterprises to make money so that they could pay dividends to the KCH.
Nerau said he had received K1.5 million from Post PNG and K1 million from the National Development Bank.
“There are 12 SOEs – and growing,” he said.
Komo, is located approximately 10 km south east of the Hydes Gas Conditioning Plant

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