Use proper platforms to raise concerns, says chairman


PEOPLE with grievances towards the development of the Wafi-Golpu project have to use appropriate platforms to raise their concerns, a landowner executive says.
Paul Yanam, the chairman of the Hengambu Landowners’ Association chairman, said this last Saturday when reopening the Wafi-Golpu project site. Activities at the exploration site were suspended on Jan 11 by a disgruntled faction who wanted state to give them a fair share of the project benefits.
However, Mining Minister Johnson Tuke earlier told The National, the group was not recognised at present.
Hengambu, a recognised landowner groups in the project area besides Yanta and Babuaf.
Yanam said: “I am a recognised landowner and I want this mine to be opened.
“This project is already going into the process of becoming a mine, and we have waited so long for this.”
Basil who heard of the reopening told The National that District would not entertain any self-appointed landowners: “I hope that this shut down is the last of it.”
He said the district will work closely with the company, the provincial government, the mining ministry and the Mineral Resource Authority to make sure this does not happen again.
District administrator Tae Guambelek said: “It costs the administration money to have police patrol the area, it will have youths taking part in illegal activities, and people later demand payments from the district.