Use your skills

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The National, Monday December 16th, 2013


PEOPLE must use whatever knowledge they receive during courses and trainings to help them in life, trainer Edward Yamai says.

Yamai is the training coordinator for the Life and Business Skills programme, funded by the Digicel Foundation. He was speaking during the graduation of 155 people at Kindeng, in Jiwaka, who attended a two-week training on life and business skills.

Yamai said it was the eighth training they had conducted so far in Western Highlands and Jiwaka.

He said the first week of training was based on addressing health issues, including HIV/AIDS.

Yamai said the second week was based on business and income management training.

“This is a very important training that you are receiving and you have to use it and make it work so it can benefit you,” Yamai said.

He said the training was implemented by the Catholic Archdiocese of Mt Hagen.

Yamai said there were people who did not understand the meaning of self-reliance.

“You must start to save up and get into a small business at the micro level with the skills you have been taught.

“Stop wasting any income you receive. Put them into good use,” Yamai said.