Value your parents, pastor tells students


A SEVENTH-day Adventist (SDA) pastor has urged students from schools under the SDA Education Mission to learn good traits from their parents.
General secretary of the Central Papua Conference (CPC) Rex Kol told students that parents were valuable sources of knowledge and experience.
“If your father is a carpenter, spend some time with him and grasp as much as you can from him,” he told them.
“You all have our own aspirations for the future but you still need to learn the basics from your parents.
“They were the ones who have brought you into this world by God’s Grace and they are you first teachers.”
Students from various elementary to secondary schools run by the SDA Church in the National Capital District and Central listened attentively to Kol who spoke during the recent launch of the school learning improvement plan (Slip) programme at their mission station at Bautama, Central.
He encouraged the students to be kind to their siblings and parents and be good members of society.
He reminded them that being part of a family was a blessing from God.
“Those of you who have siblings must learn to take good care of them and those who are only children should also be good toward your parents.”
He prayed over the students, teachers, parents and their invited guests from the Education Department, city hall and Central education division and also shared with them a Bible verse to help guide them through the week.