Veteran policeman charged with stealing K500 bail money

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PUBLIC prosecutor Miglshi Giruakonda has urged courts to seriously deal with public servants who misappropriate public funds after policeman Andrew Moe stole K500 bail money.
Mr Giruakonda was speaking in the National Court last Thursday as Moe’s case was heard.
Moe was second-in-command of the Boroko police cells in 2007 when he received the bail money.
Mr Giruakonda submitted to presiding judge Justice Mark Sevua: “The offence of misappropriation has become prevalent today. It occurs where persons bestowed with authority over institutions deliberately take and use what does not belong to them.
“That conduct brings into question the quality and degree of trust placed upon such offenders. The impact on public confidence in persons holding positions of trust is diminished.
“Public institutions are literally falling apart at the expense of corrupt officials in charge of them.”
Mr Giruakonda said although the amount was small compared with other misappropriation cases, the act of misappropriation by those in positions of trust had become prevalent.
“The accused is no ordinary person. He is a policeman and the degree of trust placed upon him by citizens and those who work under him makes him special.
“He held a position of trust as second-in-command of the Boroko police cells.
“He served the police force for 38 years and held the second-in-command position for seven months. He knows the existing systems and procedures with regards to bail monies.
“How can he forget to write a receipt for K500?” he said.
Mr Giruakonda said the abuse of trust by public officials, including politicians, was at its worst.
This, he said, was continuing to erode the confidence and trust of ordinary citizens.
Justice Sevua reserved his decision on sentencing to April 16.
Moe is a father of three adult children and grandfather of three.