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Donald Yamasombi

DEPUTY Comm (Operations) (DCP) Donald Yamasombi says illegal activities such as vice are linked to drug trafficking, firearm smuggling and trade, and money laundering.
“This is especially worrying when such activities involve foreigners operating here as businesses,” he added.
DCP Yamasombi said police had thus stepped up their law and order enforcement by going all out to clamp down on vice activities that were centred in night entertainment outlets and clubs.
“It is okay if such outlets and clubs are genuinely providing clean entertainment services.
“But it is not okay if they are operating as fronts for brothels and illegal drug trafficking and supplies.
“There will be regular police raids with immediate effect to stop such activities before the operators and their activities get out of hand.
“We will need also need support from other government agencies like customs, immigration and other business houses with foreign connections facilitating the entry and exit of foreigners,” he warned.
DCP Yamasombi said police intelligence had found that many nightclubs were operating illegally in the country and warned the operators and owners to stop immediately.
“We will raid and if those responsible are caught, we will enforce the law without any mercy,” he said, adding that foreigners operating illegal night clubs had women employed as sex workers to serve men.
DCP Yamasombi said police had obtained a warrant from the Waigani District Court last month to search the PNG Fujian Entrepreneurs Association INC (Section 108, Lot 9) where the Blue Diamond Music Club, restaurants, association’s office and residential cubes were located in Port Moresby’s Erima.
“We found that illegal activities were being conducted in the club that had young Chinese women entertaining male guests.
“Investigations revealed that club guests pay up to K2,500 per woman to drink with them, sleep with them or just sit down and chat with them in a room.
“In our raid and search, we also found eight Chinese women, from various provinces of mainland China, with valid passports for 30 days to visit Papua New Guinea as tourists.
“This is unusual because they are seen keeping company with club guests.

The place where the foreign ladies live when brought into the country by the club owner. – Pictures supplied by DCP Operations Donald Yamasombi
The building where Blue Diamond Music Club is located in Port Moresby’s Erima.

“They also stay in a dormitory in the premises.
“Do young women tourists stay in such a place?
“The modus operandi is that the women would leave upon the expiry of their visa and a new batch of women would come to replace them,” DCP Yamasombi said, adding that some of the things found in the dormitory were suspicious.
“The things have been sent to the forensics for laboratory tests to find out what the items are used for,” he said.
DCP Yamasombi said police had confiscated the passports of the Chinese women rounded up in the raid on the club on Saturday.
“We are screening their passports with Immigration to check their visa status. We need the help of other agencies to determine the origin of the women and how they were hired to work in the club.
“It is an organised business and the owner buys tickets for the women to come into the country while businessmen will use them to lure clients to their nightclubs for monetary gains.
“Most foreign business houses create employment for Papua New Guineans but joints do not have a place in this country,” DCP Yamasombi stressed.
Attempts by The National to get comments from PNG Fujian Entrepreneurs Association INC president Yanshun Yan were unsuccessful.


  • Some people (Papua New Guineans) from the immigration and Foreign affairs may have facilitated the visa and making heaps from such dealing without any care that what they have been doing was just destroying our country.
    These type of people that continues to kill our beloved country.

  • Surprised raids are recommended and not with fore-warnings as is the tactic here.

    Asians cannot be trusted to adhere to our LAWS, Why????

  • Those Chinese ladies may have been victims of human sex trafficking. Find the Pimp and interrogate him/her. Otherwise if its not against their will let the company pay their air fares to China right away. The more they keep them in detention money will do the talking and they might walk out free.

  • DCP Yamasombi, one of the better ways to deal with such illegal activities involving people of Asian origin particularly chines is to set up laws forcing the foreigners to rent proper houses and live and do business and not reside in their stores or ware houses. It should be monitored regularly, otherwise these are syndicates who are doing the same things across the Pacific Islands Nations and other countries across the globe where they find their niche to do business. It is our country, the authorities need to come down hard on them, we have to be smart, we have been very lenient that created opportunity for idiots from china to capitalize on our ignorance and complacency, encouraging investment include setting up proper laws or systems that creates win win situation for us and the investors, we have to protect our international reputation, our identify as Christian nation, our cultural heritage and our dignity as a nation and individuals. Asians are known for that, please track them down and send them back to the land of over populated monks.

  • Thank you DCP Yamasombi and your team for the bust. Can the Immigration and concerned authorities just cancel the owners business license and deport him with all his service girls back to China. Would you a PNGnean operate like this in China?

  • Close down all stores, retailers, whole sales, owned by this group, send them back, the question is how are they coming in, they are running trade stores in the all villages of PNG, which could be run & owned by PNG, PMJM your vision is our vision, Lets start with take back PNG by removing this group……..

  • The Immigration Office must be always alert when those Chinese come and request a tourist visa. By now I thought they must have acquired enough experience to be cautious with such people. Also it is highly probable that certain individuals within immigration office are benefitting directly and indirectly by ‘blindly’ issuing visas for those Chinese.
    Credits to the police for investigating those syndicates. Believe me…this is just the tip of an iceberg.
    The best thing authorities should do is to revoke the licences of any registered company that is caught doing something illegal. PNG government, immigration and police must be tough on those Asians. Otherwise they will play around with us.
    Enough is enough….

  • Can the government, seek help from Australian Federal Police and Customs? Our officers at the boarder seem to be doing a lousy job.

  • Such illegal activities conducted by foreign investors is esculating at a rapid rate in many of our towns. Please can the people in charge do somthing before our beautiful country is being socialy poluted thus degrading our cultural and religious belief system that holds the intergrity of our nation.

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