Video clip scares residents

Lae News, Normal

The National, Thursday, April 28, 2011

A VIDEO clip of a singing and wailing serpent with an eerie human-like head and deformed arms is causing anxiety and fright in Lae.
The clip is about 1.57 minutes long.
It was first uploaded onto the internet in June 2009 in Thailand and in Malaysia last year.
It can be viewed on -found-in-malaysia/ or
The clip had been downloaded from the internet and is being sent through cellphones with bluetooth capability.
It first caused quite a stir in secondary schools in the city at the beginning of this month.
And last week, land­owners from Wafi Golpu gold project were duped into believing that the creature was the mo­ther of their gold, and was being held at the Morobe Mi­ning Joint Venture site at Hidden Valley in Wau.
They were told that a similar rumour had circulated in Madang with people claiming the gorgon was being held by Ramu NiCo Mining.
Having been shown the internet clip, they left satisfied that it was all a trick.
In the video clip the upper body of the gorgon moves but the entire tail does not move.
It is coiled in a coconut frond basket found in Southeast Asia.
The gorgon, which in Greek mythology are hideous women often portrayed with live snakes for hair and a serpents’ body, were supposed to turn anyone who stared into its eye, into stone.