Village court officials undergo training

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A WEEK-long training for village court officials in Kabwum and Tewai-Siassi districts in Morobe is currently being held at Wasu Station.
The participants include 88 from Kabwum and 121 from Tewai-Siassi.
Provincial village court officer Reuben Ason on Monday said the participants were village court magistrates, chairmen and clerks from the local level government areas of Yus, Selepet, Komba and Deyamos in Kabwum, and Siassi, Sialum and Wasu in Tewai-Siassi.
The training will end on Friday with a certificate presentation, swearing in and signing of oaths by the Tewai-Siassi district magistrate Tera Dawai.
The four modules of the training include an introduction to village courts and the Village Courts Act of 1989, village court sitting procedures, communication and mediation skills, leadership and ethical decision making.
Each day of training will end with moot court sessions.
“There are lots of practical approaches within the four modules like village court requirements and process, penalties, compensation, court orders, ethics, integrity and accountability, mediation and settlement process, appeals, leadership and corruption, joint sittings, village court inspections, types of communication, impact of perception and barriers to communication, and family and sexual violence,” Ason said.
He said Morobe was privileged to have 12 certified Australian-accredited provincial trainers who have been conducting village court training.
“The trainings conducted have begun to bear fruit in the respective districts which trainings were conducted earlier,” he said.
Ason said results would be proven after all districts have completed their training.
“Results will be proven upon evaluation soon after the trainings for all districts are completed,” he said.
The 12 certified trainers are John Shadrach, Albert Jack, Michael Steven, Desmond Kukari, Eddie Rabisan, Lewis Kenny, Lancelot Kamake, Siwan Patiuwatu, Novi Giatrus, Ango Muving, James Neapukali and Ason.