Villagers clean up home

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 THERE was a satisfying turnout of Poreporena villagers at Hanuabada  for a major cleanup exercise organised by the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee on Saturday, an organiser said.

Village councillor, Dikana Boge said the event was for the betterment of the community, and he was very proud to see everyone from the village had taken part.

“Awareness carried out on the danger of plastics and containers floating in the sea and the ground tells us these items are very harmful to the environment.

“I will make sure my people will do the work to keep the environment clean,” Boge said

He thanked the NCDC for providing transport to the site as well as gloves for the participants to remove the rubbish from this area of the Moresby North-West electorate.

Toua Kohu said the aim of the cleanup was to encourage people to dispose rubbish in the right places and change their mindset through the “Love Your Coast – sports and environment programme”.

“A number of country representatives in sports are from this area. 

“We are proud to have the opportunity to give back to the community through this initiative,” Kohu said.

Events manager Torrey McDonnell said the cleanup was done at Ela Beach but was nothing like Saturday’s event at Hanuabada where everyone participated.

“We have been doing some presentations in the community – about the rubbish and the effect it has on the environment,” McDonnell said.

Boge added with the cooperation of everyone, he hoped the work to keep the area clean did not stop.