Villagers presented with K100,000 worth of roofing iron

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 5th June 2013

 KULGA villagers in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, have received roofing iron worth more than K100,000 for their houses, presented by local MP William Duma.

About 200 villagers received 20 pieces of roofing iron each which was paid for from the electoral funds.

The villagers belong to the Talga clan of the Keme tribe, who benefited last year from a K1 million development funding, also presented by Duma.

The K1 million was divided among the Talga, Lalgka 

and Wanka clans of the Keme tribe.

The Lalgka and Wanka clans used the money for roads, farming and electricity projects while the Talga clan used their share to buy iron sheets and chainsaws and for farming activities.

They received K170,000 from the portion of the K1 million and decided to built homes for their clan members.

Married couples were given 20 sheets each while young people were given cash as they lived with their parents.

This initiative was taken by clan leader’s So Mee, Jacob Tep, Israel Dopi and Abel Mee.

Businessman and Talga community leader Mee said that this is a big development in his community.

“This is part of development and it was good when it is starting at the community level,” he said.

Mee said what Duma did was very helpful to the lives of people who would have a good home.

“This is a very big development and such support is very helpful to my people,” Mee said.

He said Duma had the vision to develop and improve the lives of people starting in his electorate.