Villagers ready to assist PPL

The National,Thursday June 9th, 2016

Four major tribes surrounding the township of Mendi in the Southern Highlands have agreed to support PNG Power Limited officers to carry out a major disconnection exercise on illegal power connectors.
The Kiburu, Wa’a, Wakwak and Tende tribes met with PPL asset manager (Mendi) Noah Ipmasua and agreed to support the work of PPL.
The PPL Mendi team has carried out awareness campaigns together with the tribes and locals about the importance of power supply, illegal connections and electricity safety .
The local tribes who are working alongside the team, have informed PNG Power Limited about the rampant use of illegal power connections in their households.
The councillors are concerned about their safety and that of the community as such illegal connections were dangerous for families living within their tribal area.
The most common form of illegal connection within Mendi town is the direct connection from the low voltage lines to a household, bypassing either the Easipay or a metre box straight into a switchboard.
With the support of the four tribal leaders and their youths, a major crackdown on illegal connections is expected to commence this week .
The  exercise is in collaboration with PNG Power Limited’s nationwide mass disconnection exercise.