Violence victims told to get order


VICTIMS of family sexual violence should seek a protection order from the court to stop any further abuses on them, a police officer says.
Lae community policing coordinator Sergeant Dianne Aiam made the comment during a workshop on gender-based and sexual violence.
“Victims of sexual violence should seek help at the hospital and report it to police as more non-government organisations and state agencies have joined hands to minimise sexual violence in the country,” she said.
Aiam said there were two types of protection orders.
“An interim protection order (IPO) keeps a victim safe for one month because it prevents the aggressor from getting anywhere near the victim,” she said.
“The other is the protection order which keeps the victim safe for a longer period.”
Aiam advised victims of family sexual violence in Lae and Morobe to seek help and counselling at clinics and police stations.
“Some police officers are now trained to deal with it, unlike before. Many victims of family sexual violence are suffering silently,” she said.