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OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah has questioned the proposed visit by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to Port Moresby next week, calling it “highly suspicious”.
“It is bad diplomacy and is tantamount to an attempt to influence PNG’s political process,” Namah said.
“The visit should be deferred until the motion of no confidence (against Prime Minister James Marape) has been tabled and the process of electing a new prime minister is completed.”
“There is no doubt that Morrison will be announcing additional loans and cash aid for the Marape government and this should not be tolerated by the people of either country.
“There are other matters that Morrison should consider before he comes to Port Moresby with cash and candy to support Marape’s political survival.”
In response last night, Marape questioned Namah on why he was absent from Parliament yesterday during the unanimous passing as law of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Bill.
“The Government with 80 MPs and Opposition with 16 MPs came together as one to support one of the most important laws ever in the history of our country,” Marape said.
“Namah, however, (was absent) on the day, which shows that he supports corruption. He sticks out like a sore thumb.”
He rubbished Namah’s threat of a motion of no confidence as “trivial”.
Parliament is in session with the 2021 National Budget to be tabled on Tuesday.
Morrison, in a statement, said he would be in Port Moresby next week after a visit to Japan.
“I will hold important meetings with two of Australia’s closest friends in Tokyo on Nov 17-18 and Port Moresby on Nov 18-19,” he said.
He plans to discuss with “my friend” Marape “our many shared regional and global objectives, ahead of a formal bilateral visit I hope to make next year”.
“Australia, Japan and PNG have managed the coronavirus incredibly well and I am confident the precautions in place during this travel will minimise the risk of the Covid-19 transmission,” he said.
“I will be strictly following health advice and quarantine requirements as will officials accompanying me, RAAF attendants and pilots, and media.”
Namah said Morrison had given A$400 million (K1bil) to PNG which was used to fund the district services improvement programme (DSIP), a programme the Australian Government had long opposed.
“I am told this funding was further tainted as it was paid by Export Financing Australia, which was deemed as inappropriate by the Australian Treasury,” Namah said.
Namah said the legality of the funding and its usage should be investigated by authorities in PNG and Australia.
Namah said Morrison should note the use of Australian taxpayer money to pay “Marape’s cronies” to develop a Covid-19 miracle cure.



  • Is this really a political issue to discuss at this parliament sessions or a aid given at this time of PNG running into financial crisis to run this country giving a thought back to Australian government supporting PNG in many donors and aids??????????? Namah whats your motive behind??????? Power Hungry?????

  • Can Honourable Belden Namah allow Prime Minister Honourable James Marabe tp complete this term of the Parliament? Is it wise for PNG to have another vote of no competence? We had one already. After all Prime Minister is your Christian brother.

  • While this is Honorable MP Belden Namah’s democratic right, did I remember well, he was one of those MP’s who did not want former PM Sir Michael Somare’s leadership and had to go through all the wrong process to have Peter O’Neill appointed as PM. Not long after that honorable BN started going against PO and finally when that changes came through in the form of VONC which honorable James Marape got appointed as PM.
    He is now at it again, this time against PMJM. We can’t deny that PNG is ok economically and financially.
    We are facing an economic crisis and need Australia’s support, so the visit by their PM should be welcomed instead of using that as a political platform to score points.

  • Namah,
    You don’t have the numbers to over thrown this government nor move the vote of no confidence and the numbers to show that you will form the next Government, hahahaha.
    Just keep quiet and let the PM do his job.
    Too much noise and there is nothing constructive about your arguments.
    Think about constructive ideas that you can table in Parliament to help fight corruption in all the government sectors, Institutions and etc.

    • Is not giving away K10 million to fly by night company with unproven track record also corruption. Breaking finance management Act by not tendering the it.

  • Sometimes it is good to not say much or anything at all but let one’s actions speak for themselves. Cooperation and teamwork during crucial times for the good of the country is better than having a divided house with small time political whimpering from one side.

  • Australia and Japan and Papua New Guinea (PNG) have serious issues to resolve as World War two (2) was fought in Papua New Guinea (PNG) over Papua New Guinea (PNG) Gold and precious metals that had been extracted before the 2nd World War and Papua New Guinea (PNG) Independence given in very suspicious circumstances breaching certain United Nations laws!

  • In the History PNG Politics, Namah is very powerful Opposition leader who can be remembered. When there is a strong man,no one can break in to his yard and steal. Keep up the good job BN.People hate you but I salute you.

  • What a fool. PNG relies on Australia’s good will. Its as simple as that. PNG would sink, or be owned by the Chinese if it weren’t for the Australian people’s generosity. Please don’t make this visit related to messy domestic politics. It was planned a long time ago.

  • Belden Namah, please stop the noise, its very irritating.

    Why can’t you support our neighbours who are trying to assist with our national problems.

    You are a opposition leader but all those years you’ve sat on that same seat, there hasn’t being anything constructive from you.

    What innovative ideas have you thought out? To take PNG into the 21st century & modernize PNG!

    Have you thought out anything to increase labor wage, what about health, what about developing the train system for PNG instead of roads only?

    I haven’t seen anything physical but too much complaining & blaming.

    Cooperation is what we need in the house of Parliament?

  • Rubbish BN.. Give us 10 good reasons how you can bail this country out of the deep shit. Why do we need a change of government? It’s time for people power to rise up to stop this nonsense. Our politicians have become self centered, too greedy and power hungry.

    • Totally agree. PNG does not need a change of government at this difficult time in the midst of the financial depth caused by the previous government’s uncontrollable spending and loans, and with the situation worsen this year by the impact of CONVID-19.

  • We as people have handed all our decision making responsibility to our members.
    It is time for people’s representatives to make the decision.
    Like it or not, it is the process in democracy.
    Over to you MPs.
    Decide for us who is really capable of saving this rapidly failing state in a fortnight as PM through a VONC.
    You will buy votes in 2022. It is a long time away. People will forget.
    Their vote is usually for sale.
    It is the case every 5 years.

  • So much corruption and personal empires being built by crook leaders and the country is down to shit-hole. Thanks Australian government for always being there to help and good job from the current PM

  • There has to be some form of rational as to this current situation we are facing with our leaders. They seem to be like clowns running a circus with no obligation/regard for the common citizen! It is just back and fort useless PNG politics with nothing to show for. PMJM is trying to lay the foundations for the future of this country but all we hear, read and see is total chaos in all sectors of govnt. How long will we sit and watch these incompetent leaders move to and fro in the “BIG HOUSE TAMBARAN?” I am personally fed up of this kind of distructive politics

  • We want leaders with principles, integrity, and someone who fears God and put the our country ahead of their personal gains.
    I believe that there is no perfect human being on this planet to rule any nation. Despite of their imperfectness, They are chosen by God to rule.
    Satan always capitalize on their weaknesses to become faultfinders and come to destroy good things God wants to do in someone’s life to bring about change.
    Leaders are the puppets of the devil if they support corruption and always go against justice.
    Zealously is of the devil and I hope our leaders and not devil’s puppets but an instruments of God who can bring changes to their people and country.

  • People of Vanimo green by now should know who their elected member is doing, next time don’t sent him back because he has no vision for the country at all. He is trying make himself fame but on the other acting like primitive, empty drum making too much noise and has no clear vision for his people.

  • Can’t understand. Please could someone help me out here.
    Opposition leader did registered in court the election of the PM and is still pending, and now he is trying to put on a VONC.( by law, 18 months due in 30/11/20).
    Doing two things at the same time, which one comes first.!!
    By the way;
    BN should worry about internal problem rather then interfering with the Aussie PM’s visit.
    Visiting a trusted friend for the good of a nation should be welcome by both sides.
    Playing politics to score points will not help our nation as many our readers commented above.

  • Wow ! BN, is there something more productive you can do to take PNG out if its economic problem..We all know that PNG is in a very desperate financial situation from years of economic mismanagement by its leaders past and present. including yourself.

    The 9 million people vote you all in to make good decisions prosper the nation forward However we are not seeing that.You seem to make your own decision but use the peoples name to cover up.

    Step back 5 and see for yourself.You have been used as a stepping stone for others to launch into the PM’s role .You currently have about 5 party leaders all want the top job in your camp. Too many cooks will spoil your soup.Yu bikpela mangi tumas.Its not rocket science to work it out..Sad to say but you are going to be used again..

  • O Sam Basil, Hat long toktok. Yu no save long rot. Smelim traut blong yu na kam bek gen. Pangu em PNG ya. Em bikpla tumas .

  • The decision of our national leaders in votes of no confidence do not always reflect the peoples wish but in most cases their own egos and purposes. Unfortunately the VONC is largely not influenced by the people but by the leaders and party leaders own self serving motives. Therefore we the people should not blindly support them in their movements. It appears some are vying for the top posts, some are looking for better protection against potential lawsuits and scrutiny, some are looking for easy money and not interested in the country’s stability and growth, others have in some ways felt letdown by PMJM and want to show their displeasure. In this case when an election is looming, their defection appears more selfish than serving PNG.

    • Wilz, I totally agree with you,
      All MPs’ moving to the other side should state their reasons why they are defecting from the government.
      Is it because PM cuts all allowances? Is it because he is Honest? Is it because he has no money to fund the election in 2022?
      Come on we demand the truth. all your reasons on economics are shallow.
      What were you all going to do in just 1 year?
      I believe this government was cleaning up your shits where you left.
      PNG is not stupid anymore!!!

  • Is this for real? Mr Honourable member, BM. Can you see what we citizen of this country are seeing? Economic crises is now becoming a household term. Almost 75% of the population knows exactly what’s happening to our economy. So l personally know that Australian PMs visit to PNG is a perfect timeing.

  • BN – Don’t let yourself be used again. It is better and fitting for you to be an Opposition leader and we respect that. You have kept each government on toes each time to date for checks and balance through strong Opposition and PNG admires and values your contribution to this regard. My advise is for you to maintain Opposition Leadership to 2022 General Election, and secure yourself enough number when GG calls on your Party to form the next government in 2022. Remember that you will again be betrayed if you pursue VONC now and it is sure to happen. Return to POM to pass the budget as Opposition Leader and maintain to 2022 election.
    Your attempt to raise concern for Australian PM visit to POM is too low. Better you retract!!!

  • For the people requesting members to state their reason to move to the other side, it will be given through their representative tomorrow or in coming days.
    However, they are not legally obliged to provide individually.
    We have given away any power we have during the elections. Now the ball is in the members’ court to take whatever decision they see fit.
    We just have to put up with whatever shit they give us.
    Anyway, Australian PM is coming when the current political storm settles. He is coming to meet PNG PM irrespective of who leads the country.

  • Only Nama fit to break and make Prime Minister’s, now let the MPs appoint him as change to lead has PM and will see how he manage the country.

    Ol mangi lo sheep cloths olsem PO na JM had they chance. JM lo stupid approval blo 10.2m to his cronies show MPs moving to opposition so now larim na BN kisim PM na umi lukim how bai em ronim country.

    “Ol man blo fight na cross inor meaning olsem olgeta em ol greedy man” They are worries in their own rights to protect what they value and love. Nama his a worries at the National level for our beloved country.
    Just give him a chance to manage this country and we see, if em nor provim em yet then raushim em olsem now ol la makim lo JM.

  • Only Nama fit to break and make Prime Minister’s, now let the MPs appoint him to lead has PM and will see how he manage the country.

    Ol mangi lo sheep cloths olsem PO na JM had their chance to lead. JM lo stupid approval blo 10.2m to his cronies saw MPs moving to opposition so now larim na BN kisim PM na umi lukim how bai em ronim country.

    “Ol man blo fight na cross inor meaning olsem olgeta em ol greedy man” They are warriors in their own rights to protect what they value and love. Nama his a warrior fighting at the National level for the country he love.
    Just give him a chance to manage this country and will see, if em nor provim em yet then raushim em olsem now ol la makim lo JM.

  • I am confused right now. Are those leaders interested to serve this country or just playing games to bribe each other to make more money in their pockets. Corruption is still giving us heard time for PNG to go forward.

    Am very sorry the young generation for PNG at risk.


  • Belden Namah is the best Opposition Leader out of many opposition leaders we have had since Independence , who can speak up without fear or favour. This in itself is keeping the Government on it’s toes. He himself is a self made millionaire and nobody, not even the Prime Minister can easily bribe him to keep quite.

    Lets not forget that Belden Namah sacrificed his life to avert Bougainvilleans being massacred by the Sandline mercenaries. He went to jail on sedition charges brough against him by the Julius Chan government.

    If ever BN ever become the Prime Minster, I will sleep easy knowing that the country is in capable hands.

  • no trust among our politics. friendships and betrayals. whoever gets the PM in VoNC would still be betrayed in the next…
    I love my country but not the government!

  • Nama always opposing government of the day since he entered the Parliament and I don’t know why he is doing this? Actually he is power hungry.

  • For those supporting BN, read this, The Principle of leadership is Respect for the elderly. In the 2012 election campaigned brutally against the Grant Chief Sir Micheal and he almost lost his seat in Vanimo Green. He disrespectfully interrupted a court proceeding in progress with arrest of then Chief Justice Sir Salamo. The result with all the trouble he had gone through the PM position was snupped by PO. Now he is attempting another leadership tussle, by God’s grace and if God is willing he may succeed. If not reserve your fight for 2022, not now.

  • We need UNITY in Parliament for our country to survive in this time of Crisis across the world and in PNG. As people say, ” United we stand as a nation”. Divided we fall as a Nation”.

    Instability in Government as been a MAJOR reason for PNG’s lack of required proper development in all sectors of this God Blessed nation with multiple natural resources.

    Stop the nonsense of pursuing personal Egos. And support the current Government which has embarked on taking back PNG, like no previous governments have done. I salute you Honorable PJM for fighting for your people, for a Better share of benefits for Papua New Guineans from our Gold, Copper, Fish, Logs, Oil, Gas and other natural resources that God has Blessed us with. So called Investors have stolen so much from our resources, and have given very little back to PNG.

    So called Elite Leaders of this nation, Please Hear the Cry Of The People. WE DO NOT WANT A VONC AT THIS TIME.


  • Majority of the people of this nation do not care who is in government.
    They want to have some money to pay a PMV fare to town, sell their kaukau, banana, fish., sago etc and buy their tin fish and rice and have medicine readily available when they go hospital during illness.
    These have been very hard.
    PMs of recent past and current have failed.
    Let BN become PM and try his ideas through VONC.

  • Kain ol PM osem Sir Julius Chan nabout ya resign na stap issi lo pless nau, nogat tru wanpla wok development lo New Ireland so noken osem yoyo nabaut go kam lo government, try and respect PMJM and see he will change this nation for our future generation and don’t think of your own pocket.

  • I support Wilz’s statements with respect to MPs moving to opposition camp because they are venerable to prosecution for their corrupt deals which will eventually be exposed to the public by PMJM sooner or later. The VONC instituted by BN is a slap in the face of most PNGans who care for this country. BN WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE HERE?????? People make mistakes and PMJM is no different let him complete his term in office and you will decide who takes the PM post after 2022 general election. AFTER ALL WE ALL NEED TO WORK TOGETHER TO TAKE BACK PNG………..MI WARI LO COUNTRY BLO ME PNG.

  • BN is one of the most popular opposition leader to date. People may call him many names he is always ready to over throw legitimate government through force. The case of Sir Somare government is an example. He had the chance to become the PM, he simply handed over to PO. This time he does not have the numbers, it could be PO, WD or PP for PM post. The SB is not considered for PM post, PO bought many MPs using BARRICK and others sponsored money and he is the likely candidate, or if vote is taken PP is likely to be the alternate PM and BN will yet miss out on PM post.

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