Vodafone’s third retail outlet in city set up at Rangeview Plaza


VODAFONE PNG has opened a retail kiosk at the new Rangeview Plaza shopping complex which is scheduled for opening tomorrow.
Vodafone said in a media statement that the new kiosk was the company’s third retail outlet in Port Moresby.
“Our team is looking forward to serving all our customers in the plaza,” a spokesman said.
“We are thankful to our management team for entrusting us with this responsibility.
“The new outlet has all the models in handsets, Voda Kads (K1, K2, K3, K5, K8, K10, K15, K20, K35, K50 & K100) and, also electronic top-ups.
“The popular K89 dual sim Alacatel 1 smartphone is also available.”
Free SIM cards are also offered for registration