Volunteer work a local concept, says NVS director

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The National, Thursday 18th April 2013


VOLUNTEER work is not an introduced concept in Papua New Guinea, National Volunteer Service (NVS) director Ernesto Ortego says.

He said in a statement on Tuesday that volunteerism was ingrained in the country’s traditional cultures.

 “Whether a community is building a canoe or making a garden, our people appreciate working together to finish a job in their villages,” Ortego said.

He said a person helping other people to build their communities was part of tradition.

“Volunteerism is still well and alive in our society.

“It is part of our tradition and livelihood where people help each other in their own communities for the betterment of everyone,” Ortego said.

He said as Christians, people needed to volunteer their lives to save the lives of others.

“If Jesus volunteered his life to save us from sin, therefore, as Christians, we must promote our faith and in the process spread the love of God in our communities,” Ortego said.

He said that by being a good citizen in the country was a noble form of volunteerism.

“Volunteering in any form is serving others and if it is delivered in worst situations, it makes volunteerism more valuable,” Ortego said.

He said the monetary system introduced in the country was linked to individualism and materialism.

Ortego said NVS promoted the spirit of volunteerism in PNG by recruiting national volunteers. 

“Our mission is to be part of a nation-building driving force instrumental in community empowerment and community development aimed at reducing inequality, dependency and finally eliminating poverty,” he said.

NVS is a government organisation that was established in 1990 to promote and support citizen participation in sustainable, people-centred development.