Volunteers threaten to stop service

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The National, Friday 7th September, 2012

VOLUNTARY community law and order lea­ders and committees from the six Lae city council wards have threatened to withdraw their services after police allegedly assaulted one of them last week.
The leaders approached The National yesterday and voiced their grievances, saying they had volunteered to work at some of the most notorious settlements for years and police action was uncalled for.
They said the manner in which police allegedly assaulted one of their law and order chairmen was disrespectful as they had all been working to contain lawlessness in the city.
The leaders want Lae metropolitan commander Chief Supt Nema Mondiai and the Mamose regional police command to discipline the officers concerned.
Ward Three Law and Order chairman Peter Wai was picked up by police last Sunday following a complaint and was later assaulted in the police vehicle by an officer, they claimed.
Wai said he was at his home at Papua Compound when two police vehicles arrived and ordered him to get into one of the vehicles.
“It was around 7pm and we drove further up and an officer in the vehicle assaulted me,” Wai claimed.
He said he did not expect such treatment from the police because he had volunteered for five years to help keep law and order at Ward Three.
Other law and order chairmen in the city condemned the police action and threatened to withdraw their services.
“We are not paid by the state.
“We volunteered our services as community leaders for the people.
“We are always at the forefront addressing serious law and order issues such as rape, arson, hold-ups and murder,” Kamkumung Law and Order chairman Pr Plankus Miamel said.
Miamel demanded the police discipline those responsible and apologise to Wai in a form of compensation.
Mondiai could not be reached for comment yesterday.