W Papuan citizenship plan gets praise


The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

THE International Organisation for Migration has thanked the PNG Government for granting West Papuans citizenship without them paying the eligibility fee of K10,000.
IOM Chief of Mission in PNG George Gigauri said yesterday that this arrangement was a result of a good discussion with West Papuans in PNG and IOM.
“IOM has advocate and made awareness for West Papuans to get citizenships. We consult with West Papuans in Manus, Port Moresby and Kiunga to find out their needs to integrate in PNG”.
Gigauri said that getting West Papuans to be citizens was a stepping stone as there were other needs like education to be looked at.
“Even after getting their citizenship documents we are also looking at addressing their needs. And one of their needs is education for their children and to become citizens will allow them to get government assistances.
“But all in all, the West Papuans were happy to have a discussion with IOM to address their needs to be empowered and fully-fledged PNG citizens.”
However, Gigauri said many of the West Papuans have fully integrated into PNG communities since fleeing persecution from the former Indonesian government.
“Their grandparents have fled since 1962 across the border and their children and grandchildren have already benefited from PNG government services.”