Wabag homebrew factory destroyed

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WABAG Police raided a homebrew factory near Wabag town last Friday morning and destroyed 500l of homebrew ready for sale.
Wabag police station commander Chief Insp Albert Beli leading his policemen raided Pawas village around  4am which resulted in the arrest of three men.
The police also uprooted three marijuana plants near the homebrew factory.
According to provincial police commander Supt Martin Lakari the police completely destroyed a building used as a factory, including two 44-gallon drums fully-stored with finished homebrew product ready for sale.
Lakari said the policemen found it hard to carry the two 44-gallon drums homebrew and used an axe to cut the drums and others equipment used in the production of homebrew.
He identify the three men as Frank Yoko from Lenki village, and Kondari Mark and Broch Mark from Pawas village.
Lakari said they were charged with being in possession of illegal homebrew and homebrewing equipment.
He said today the three men would also be charged with the cultivation of marijuana.
Lakari said it was a big breakthrough in their fight against homebrew in the province.
He said the three men, now behind bar could earn about K5,000 from the 500l of homebrew destroyed.
At a local market a 500ml of container of homebrew is going for K5 per bottle.
Lakari said many people living in the town turned to homebrew because it was cheap and made them get drunk quickly.
He said many working class people were also turning to homebrew.
Lakari said even students are consuming the  illegal beverage.
He appealed to the people to cooperate with the police and get rid of homebrew in Wabag town and in the province.
 Lakari said his office would be open for any body to come in and report anybody seen or heard producing homebrew.
Lakari could also be contacted on this number 549 1058.
Lakari said homebrew already had a bad impact in other provinces and they did not want the same to happen in Enga.
He urged the people to work closely with police to maintain peace and harmony in the province.