Wagambi plans to increase manpower, resources of unit


THE response unit of Lae police will have increased manpower and resources following their recent success in reducing crime in the city.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendant Anthony Wagambie Jr, said the unit had performed very well since it was established in April.
“Lae city has witnessed a lot of success from the unit therefore we will allocate more manpower and resources to them to help them improve their performance,” he said.
He said the unit would be equipped to be able to respond to crime effectively and increase public confidence in police.
“Currently the response time for our sector response unit is less than 10 minutes, therefore we want to increase their capacity and empower them to have a faster response time to attend to criminal activities.”
The sector response unit was formed in April after Lae police re-strategised to effectively tackle criminal activities like robberies, killings and ethnic clashes in the city,
Meanwhile, the police toll free number in Lae has been busy lately as more people are calling each day and night to seek assistance from police.
Wagambie said Digicel would assist police again with another phone to make it easier for people to call police to seek help.
“Many people have been calling at the same time so seek police assistance and our lines are always busy so we need another phone to allow people to contact us easily,” he said