Warning on bunk beds

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The National, Monday February 17th, 2014

 THE Independent Consumer and Competitions Commission is proposing to ban certain bunk beds. 

These beds have safety issues and can expose people, especially children, to potential harm and even death, the ICCC said.

ICCC commissioner and chief executive Dr Billy Manoka said: “Children have been injured in accidents involving bunk beds in the past. 

“It is time that something is done about this. 

“The ICCC has proposed a ban of certain bunk beds that do not meet safety standards and it has called a conference on Friday with suppliers of bunk beds to discuss construction standards.”

In a survey last year by ICCC with  product safety officers of a number of retailers selling bunk beds, it was found out that nearly all were potentially dangerous. 

“This is something of concern to us all because if these  statistics come  from just a few shops, imagine how many more bunk beds are out there that do not meet safety requirements,” Manoka said.

“As a consequence of the survey, ICCC wrote to suppliers seeking consultation with them about safety of bunk beds. 

Despite many reminders, the industry has ignored ICCC’s invitation and concerns. 

“ICCC therefore decided to act to ensure that children in particular are protected.”

It is proposing to impose standards relating to: 

  • Guardrail;
  • access points;
  • protrusion;
  • a minimum clearance between mattress base and top of guardrail;
  • maximum mattress height, and, 
  • Minimum gaps in the guardrails.

Any supplier of bunk beds who wishes to take part in the conference should contact Dr Billy Manoka on 3252144 or e-mail [email protected]