Wasu High lays it on for guests

Lae News, Normal


WASU High School’s graduation last Saturday will go down the school’s history as the best and most colourful with 239 Grade 10 students receiving their certificates.
The sleepy Wasu local- level government station came alive as the high school administration hosted three Morobe MPs and senior public servants for this elaborately planned graduation. 
Tewai-Siassi MP Vincent Michaels, Kabwum MP and Defence Minister Bob Dadae, Markham MP and Morobe Deputy Governor Koni Iguan and provincial administrator Kemas Tomala, were distinguished guests who also attended the graduations of Kalalo and Satop primary schools last Sunday.
The programme started with a guard of honour by soldiers who were involved in the joint task force response on cholera in the area.
The leaders also paid tribute to fallen soldiers during the Bougainville crisis by laying wreaths.
Students then played music as they welcomed the procession onto a huge stage, which catered for around 60 guests, who were pampered with a flow of refreshments for the duration of the graduation.
The ceremony attracted around 5,000 people.
The three MPs made pledges totalling K120,000 in funds on top of other special commitments much to the delight of staff and students.
The MPs also officiated at the opening of a couple of fully-furnished three-bedroom staff houses, two duplex classrooms, and the V-Sat communication system which would enable the school to watch television and communicate with the rest of the country. 
The day ended with a “graduation banquet”, which topped off an event which is the talk of the Wasu LLG area.
Many guests and visitors applauded the school’s administration for the developments during the past two years, with much of the credit given to principal Saya Daniel.
After a record 57 students successfully continuing onto Grade 11, Mr Daniel is now looking forward to this year’s selection.
“Currently, there is no update yet on the selection process, but we hope the results will come out this week,” he said.
The leaders also went to the Kabwum district and visited the Etep Rural Hospital before returning to Lae.