Watch out for scammers


BEWARE of imposters, scammers and confidence tricksters driving around in vehicles with tinted glass.
Some pretend to be employed by the National Capital District Commission and use the NCDC’s scholarship programme to lure desperate fathers then steal their money.
They will tell you that they carry thousands of kina around to hand over to unsuspecting ones.
They say they can hand over K2000 or more on the spot if you want to start a small project to raise funds, or promise a full sponsorship of your young adult sons and daughters by NCDC.
He will ask how much cash you have on hand. He will say that with the top-up from NCDC that he will give you right away, you can start your school fee fundraising project. He will also ask how you do your banking, your identity card or driver’s licence.
He will tell you lies about getting tired of sitting in his NCDC office and is out and about doing cash distribution.
When you give the amount he asks for, he will give you a brown envelope supposedly stacked with money, when in fact it is filled only with pieces of paper or fake kina notes. The cash you handed over to the scammer ends up in his pocket.
In January, my son was picked up by one imposter and dropped off at a bus stop to come home. He told him similar stories of the NCDC sponsorship programme, presumably to lure me into their trap. Well, they did.
Last week an imposter stopped me outside BSP Waigani while I was heading for Badili Hardware.
He told me the same NCDC scholarship programme story.
This gentleman from NCD/Central spoke about NCDC and what the governor is doing. He was driving a small grey sedan.
These bad guys will prey on individuals who are alone. They will pretend that they know you. They will offer you a lift. They will use the Lord’s name, and more.
You will find them not responding well to your questions.
Here are some don’ts and dos:

  • Don’t give your bank account details;
  • Don’t hand over any money;
  • Take a photo of the trickster or his vehicle’s registration number plate;
  • Report him to the police as soon as you can; and
  • Warn others to be alert.

Concerned Parent