Water agency sets goals for staff this year

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THERE is rising demand for water and sewerage services brought on by the PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project and increasing mining and business activities, according to PNG Waterboard.
With this, the Waterboard has set itself a theme to be accountable for results this year as it moves to enhance its operations to better serve water consumers.
In a general circular to staff this week, chief executive officer and managing director Patrick Amini said this year’s theme Accountability for results, stressed accountability.
“Accountability for results is saying that I can count on you to achieve the results we have set for ourselves in 2010,” he said.
Under the theme, personnel should be highly effective to achieve the desired results, he said.
Some of the key results areas (KRAs) for the PNGWB are:
*Independent Consumer and Competition commission (ICCC) approved tariff increase of 14.4%;
*Debt recovery of 96%;
*Water production of 22,842ml;
*Water sales of 15,761ml;
*Maintain unaccounted for water (UFW) at 31%;
*Connections – 725 (water) and 12 (sewerage); and
*Loan repayments of K2.3 million
Mr Amini said in the new price path set by ICCC, the emphasis was on growing the business.
“This requires reviewing standards, ensuring capacity is maintained to undertake these new tasks and maintaining costs at affordable levels.
“Streamlining organisational functions, training the workforce, developing partnerships, streamlining processes and procedures are areas that must be given priority to achieve the desired results,” he said.